Iphone 4S in Singapore: A Decent Upgrade

iPhone 4S Singapore

Amid the fiasco that has cumulated since Apple failed to produce the iPhone 5 and rather unveiled the iPhone 4S yesterday – Ideaverse tried to see some silver lining. It was hard and far from a satisfactory outlook, yet there are features that actually makes iPhone 4S a worthy successor to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S in Singapore are likely to see the light later in October.

But one thing for certain – it’s not the iPhone 5 that everyone expected.

So what exactly is this iPhone 4S comprised of that’s worth a mention?

For one, Sprint has decided to offer unlimited Data Plan for iPhone 4S users in US.
For two, Apple has apparently improved reception by including two antennas. So Death Grips are rarer now.

Seems like they have decided to eliminate the pain points of the previous iPhone owners to start with.

Now onto the finer details:

Faster Processor

Nevertheless, a very powerful processor, namely the A5 Dual processor (the ones you can find in iPad 2) promises to provide immense power to the iPhone 4S – and actually enable the phone to be compared amongst the most powerful smartphones in the market today. Although the phones are yet to experience rigorous testing and benchmarks from the general testing – given the historically smooth iPhone performances of the past – the sheer prospect of a theoretically-14+mbits-data-transfer-capability-iPhone4s is surely going to make the 3G subscribers in Singapore to drool-delight.

Better Camera

Often underrated, the camera feature of the smartphones really carves the mobile technology world as we know of it today. We haven’t seen any new iPhone that doesn’t feature better camera features, and the iPhone 4S is not an exception. With a solid 8mp camera with face detection technology – the camera is surely going to give iPhone 4S a lot of plaudits. The video recording capability also received a boost, enabling the iPhone 4S to capture full-HD video at a stunning 1080p resolution compared to a mere(!) 720p resolution by the iPhone 4.

Better Talktime

Hello 3G users, iPhone 4S has been built for you. The talktime while on a 3G network has seen a solid boost of one hour. While its not a terrific number – guys who travel a lot understands what this means. Being away from a plug and charger just got less bitter as similar boost to the battery backup is expected while not talking and simply devouring the 3G bandwidth.

Better Optimized for iOS 5

iOS 5 in Singapore will be unveiled on October 12th for iPhone 3Gs later and all corresponding Apple products – which will see iCloud and other exciting features for the first time. Goes without saying, the iPhone 4S will be more optimized to use the latest operating system with the hardware improvements expected to align with the requirements deemed necessary for the most optimized performance in the iOS5.


Me: “Read me the message”
Siri: New Message from Sebastian…..We’ve got the Go Ahead.

Siri is the new voice assistant to be featured heavily in the iPhone 4S. It’s Siri-ously exciting to see how important this particular app is going to be for the visually impaired, or how exciting it’d be for everyone else to go hands free in a phone genre – which revolutionized the very use of hands (touch!). The video in the Apple page is very exciting, however I am not going to expect much out of it. Simply because voice recognition software like Dragon has always suited a more westernized accent – and being Singaporean, that issue will still be speculating me until I can actually test the product. Till then, i can give my SIRI-brum some laugh.


Don’t expect a monster upgrade if you already have an Iphone 4. Although the iPhone 4S has been dubbed as dud, buzz killer, failure in the web – I personally find it a decent upgrade and would easily recommend it my peers over iPhone 4. And till the iPhone 5 arrives later in 2012, the iPhone 4S could very easily fill the void of a new iPhone product in the market.

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