iPhone 5 delays due to explosion at Foxconn Plant

Explosion at one of the Apple’s manufacturing partners, Foxconn International Holdings caused the death of two workers and injuries to 16 other workers. It occurred at the Hongfujin Precision Electronics Plant which is situated in western Chengdu in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

Foxconn International Holdings is currently producer of iPad 2 and is going to produce the  iPhone5  for Apple soon. The problem that I want to tell you now is quite obvious. The accident might cause a delay in the release of iPhone 5.

According to Reuters, Apple stock shares on Nasdaq were down by over 1.5%  after the incident happened.

Spokesperson from Foxconn, Edmund Ding told Bloomberg that the fire had been controlled and investigation were carried out to find out the cause of the incident. Before investigations are done, there will not be any production to be taken place at that plant according to the spokesman . However, Ding did not reveal any details about the progress of  iPhone 5 production.

Foxconn had already hit the headlines last year when its plant workers committed suicide, suspected due to stress and depression for overworking. The company has since then tried improve its image by making the working conditions of its employees better.However, this incident has again adversely affected its image.

According Apple’s spokeperson Steve Dowling, Apple Inc is willing to work closely with Foxconn to discover the cause of explosion. No details about the production of Apple products were provided.



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