iPhone 5 To Launch In October 2011

Update: The new iPhone – iPhone 4S has been announced! Check the details.

The greatest teaser in our tech world today is the release of iPhone 5.  Websites are reporting that AT&T and Verizon stores are training employees in the new technology and capabilities of the iPhone 5.   Former vice-president and Apple board member Al Gore added more fuel to the rumors in a speech at a conference in South Africa when referred to iPhones that would be coming out in October.

The latest news is that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, will hold a big media event on Oct 4 to announce something.  Most likely the next-generation iPhone5 Smart Phone will be unveiled.

Apple has a history of keeping its product launches classified,  The company has not confirmed the October 4 date.  If  iPhone5 will be launched, the event would mark newly-named CEO Tim Cook’s first major product launch..  It will offer a great chance for Tim Cook to highlight his qualities and announce his arrival as CEO presenting Apple’s newest, most sought after product.

We won’t know for sure which product will be announced at this media event, but all reports are pointing towards a revised iPhone 4, an all-new iPhone 5,or both.  According to different reports, there are three different possible new iPhones:  A low-end version of the iPhone 4 for people who cannot afford a high-end Smart Phone.  A revised iPhone 4 which features the dual-core A5 chip used in iPad 2 A high-end next generation. An iPhone5 with the A5 chip, more RAM, higher battery life, all new design, larger display and a higher-resolution camera.



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