iPhone App Blendr Offers Face To Face Contact

The location based dating app Grindr which is very popular among gay men has launched a new version for straight people.  Blendr is an app that allows men and women to connect easily.  It’s a new geo social networking app that lets you check out users close by.  Blendr uses the iPhone’s GPS location sensing technology to find and connect users of the program with other users near them. Blendr is a perfect geo social tool for making new friends in new locations.  The opportunity to connect with someone new is in you hands.

Joel Simkhai, Grindr’s founder and chief executive, said the only difference was that Blendr is less focused on sex.

“It’s much, much deeper than ‘hey, do you want to go on a date?’,” said Simkhai.  “It’s about finding new friends.  It is very difficult to meet new people who are interested in the same thing as you are – Bledr will help solve that problem.

The Blendr team integrated enhanced privacy and safety features and put greater emphasis on listing a user’s interest.

“We’ve built up the privacy settings to make women and men feel more comfortable,” Simkhai said. “We don’t require any information other than your date of birth.  We don’t require a photo, we don’t require your name, we don’t require an email or a phone number”.

With Blendr’s customizable privacy settings, users share as much or as little information about themselves.  Features include distance-accuracy options that let users determine the degree of accuracy with which their location is reported and filters that let them determine who can and cannot see them based on age and gender. It gives users total control over their interactions within the app, making it the most useful and secure mobile networking experience.

Blendr will also allow users to check out clubs and bars for people they might be interested in meeting before they stump up the entrance fee.  Users can see how many other people at nearby venues and decide whether to go to a place that is trending.

This free location-based service is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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