iPhone App Helps You Find Upcoming Movies


Are you fond of watching movies?

Do you want to be the first to watch trailers as they come out?

Here’s comes an App for movie lovers who can’t wait to see the latest trailers.

Can’t Wait!  is an app which pushes new movie trailers to your phone.   Anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 and above can use it. You can be the first to watch new movie trailers as they come out, get reminders when the movies you want to see hit theaters, see what your friends are excited about, and share your favorite upcoming movies!

To top it off, every time you use the app, you get a chance to win a free movie ticket.  All you need is the Can’t Wait! mobile app to vote on the trailers and share with your friends.

To start, connect to Facebook or Twitter to create an account, then you use the iPhone app to find and watch movie trailers for upcoming films. If something catches your attention, click the “Can’t Wait!” button to share the activity with your social network friends. The application will later follow up with a reminder when the movie premieres in theaters, and you can choose to purchase tickets in-app via Fandango

Do you know what’s best of all?  It’s free !!!

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