iPhone App To Check Your Skin For Melanoma

Now with iPhone app Skin Scan, you can check whether your skin is healthy prior to the decision of consulting a doctor.

Skin Scan is an iPhone medical app built by startups which has obtained 50,000 Euro in seed funding.

It uses a proprietary algorithm to look at the fractal-like shapes which exist in human skin after a picture of a mole of your skin is taken. Then, it calculates to see whether the moles is developing normally or turning into cancerous melanoma.

Besides, users will also be requested for location. With that information, Skin scan produces a live map of how our moles are looking around the globe.

Team of the startup consists of 2 dermatology doctor, 2 mathematicians working on the algorithm and other members. They are supported by CEO Victor Anastasiu and co-founder of Romanian seed fund SeedMoney.

Although Skin scan claimed that the app is approved by doctors, it is only good for for telling users when to consult for medical check, not for real diagnosing.

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