iPhone’s Undisclosed Tracking Issue Resolved

Last week the controversial news of iPhone’s undisclosed location tracking method surfaced which led to complaints, lawsuits, and unwanted press. But God bless Apple for having, in my opinion, the best customer response ever, because only a week after this whole problem exploded they already released (earlier today) the iOS update that resolves the location tracking issues that people have been so worked up about.

To be honest I didn’t have faith in Apple after the shocking news broke out. I did not expect them to have any sort of come back and I thought the issue would transform into something bigger, and I’m pretty sure you guys thought the same. Oh but ye of little faith, this is APPLE we’re talking about. I mean compare it to the alternative… The Android.

I’m not dissing the Android… Okay maybe a bit. Nilay Patel of This Is My Next’s seems to have the same stand as I do. He says, “It took Apple just a week to deply this update to all iPhone users, while Android makers are still shipping 2.2, and WP7 is a mess.” So it’s not my fault that I don’t think that highly of Windows. Their WP7 updates have been a nightmare since the beginning. And even though Microsoft says they’re working on fixing it… I don’t really see any amusing results.

Before I end this entry, I’d just like to point out that when it comes to customer service, out of any brand that I have ever experienced in my whole entire life, Apple beats every single one of them by a mile. Hello, they replace any gadget you brought from them for free if ever there are any software defects and what not. So yeah, Apple’s THE BOSS when it comes to these things. Anyone else think the same?

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