iPod, iPhone, iPad… and now Apple iTV is coming

apple iTV

You have an iPod though never use it anymore, iPhone 4S you have been waiting for months and queuing a few hours to get it, iPad 2 that already seems to be outdated and already burning to get a new Apple gadget? Though iPhone 5 and iPad 3 is on Apple’s “must release” list, the company plans to put iTV set on store shelves in the first place.

In one of the previous posts we listed tech predictions for 2012. One of them was iPhone 5 – a hybrid of mobile device, portable computer and television. However, according to the latest rumors Apple is going forwards with the whole TV set available in two sizes, 42-inch and 50-inch, with Siri feature for navigation, changing channels and iCloud action. Apple refused to comment on the set of features, definitely Apple TV will be so-called connected TV – TV that is connected to internet enabling users to download favorite programs as well as play them across all Apple devices.

The major problem Apple has faced so far is securing content needed to make iTV breathtaking innovation. The anonymous Apple’s ex-employee told that Apple is struggling to get first-tier TV network programs for an à la carte iTunes TV service. Namely, Apple’s revolutionary goal is to offer live broadcast television via the internet and IPTV and customizable channels for users that in turn disrupts the old well-known cable industry.

The applications that secured success for iPhone and iPad won’t go away, but TV won’t be a TV without content and channels, and Apple iTV is not exception. Next to the unwillingness of content providers to cooperate, there is a BIG challenge pointed by Steve Jobs: “People go to their TV to turn their brain off. People go to their PC to turn their brain on. These things aren’t going to be together, they perform completely separate functions.”

Steve was always this kind of person “think big, act big”, and let’s hope his peers will be able to continue his great work.

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