Ireland Launches World’s First Tourism Social Game

When I read that Ireland launches the first social game on Facebook to promote its tourism, I thought it was a smart move, not only is it creative but it also acts as a lead as it is the world’s first national tourism board in the world to actually launch such thing. Ireland Town hits the world yesterday.

Keeping in mind that 24% of the people in the United States and Greater Britain actually spend at least once a week on FarmVille and CityVille, Ireland thought, why not launch our own game. “This is a new platform for Tourism Ireland to engage potential holidaymakers around the world with the kind of experience that a holiday in Ireland offers them. It is a unique promotional tool and a first, as no other national tourist board had done this before. For those fans who may be planning to visit in 2011, this is certainly a different way to research their holiday,’ said Mark Henry, Tourism Ireland’s Central Marketing Director.

Ireland Town encourages players to create their own town in Ireland; Sally, the tour guide will be helping the players along the way. The players can then choose to explore different iconic sites, 32 destinations and 9 different tasks are to be completed in each challenge. Players that invite their Facebook friends to join Ireland Town will progress in the game even faster while those that wins all the challenges will stand a chance to win a trip to Ireland.

Ireland Town is expecting 100,000 Facebook fans to sign up for the game over the few weeks because of how fast the social game viral travel. ‘Given that Tourism Ireland currently has a fanbase of a quarter of a million people around the globe, and each of the fans has in turn an average of 130 friends, Tourism Ireland can potentially engage with 32.5 million people worldwide through our new Ireland Town game,’ Mark Henry added. What do you think about tourism related games to promote tourism?

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