Is the smartphone a tool to replace our boringness?

Nowadays, the world cannot deny that the smartphone is everywhere. Do you have a smartphone? People use this phone at work, public transport, cinema and even in the toilet. Most of the time, people use their smartphone to fill the emptiness and disappear in the virtual world. The internet is changing and transforming the way people access information and communicate to each other. The rise of the smartphone is an amazing tool and it is making our life easier, but would it be stressful as well?

Virtual communication is improving, which has effect on the communication to person in real life. Smartphone users have access to all the information and it is suddenly no longer necessary to seek contact with other people in the direct area. For instance, if you are travelling around, did you notice how many people are looking into their smartphone?

In these days, people are using Social Media a lot to update statuses, check-ins and uploading pictures. This can affect the social behavior skills of people. These websites connects millions of families, friends and co-workers together. Many people spend a lot of time monitoring each other, passive surveillance. However these websites are an essential function in bridging boundaries and bringing all the people together to listen to each other.

People can do anything on their smartphone and this can affect the concentration of smartphone users and other people in the same area as well.  For example, smartphone users will never be bored, because they have access to the worldwide information. This could leads to addictiveness at any place and time. Smartphone users could have an obligation or addictiveness to be updated about the news, games and lives of other people, which could make the lives of smartphone users more stressful. What is your opinion?

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