Japanese Pop Idol Shocks Audiences With News That She’s Fake

Japanese is so good in creating robot that looks really like a real person. Now they went beyond that.

A Japanese idol group AKB 48 appeared in a candy company’s commercial with their new member called Aimi Eguchi.

However, the new girl was found to be a computer-generated composite of AKB 48 later. Aimi Eguchi’s face was actually made up of the “best features” of six other members Atsuko Maeda(eyes), Tomomi Itano(nose), Mariko Shinoda(mouth), Yuko Oshima( hair/body), Minami Takahashi(face outline) and Mayu Watanabe(eyebrows). Her voice in the commercial video was provided by another member Yukari Sasaki.

The virtual idol had quite a number of fans. AKB 48’s management had even created a fake profile page for her, claiming she was 16-years-old girl from Saitama. Eguchi had been featured in a magazine too.

This news was definitely a shock to her fans.

Spot the virtual idol in the video:

Watch this video(0:39) to know how her features are created by skillful use of computer graphics.


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