KDDI Pulls Android Website Ahead Of iPhone 5 Launch

The second largest telecom carrier in Japan recently took down their “Android au” website according to Asiajin’s report.   Does  this move mean that KDDI will no longer offer customer Android devices but rather offer the next generation iPhone? KDDI refused to comment.

The website featured videos of  the popular boys group Arashi advertising KDDI’s Android lineup.  The videos are obviously targeting against Softbank, the only carrier hat has the iPhone by endorsing Android smart phones’ ability to play flash content.

“Isn’t it non-sense to have a smartphone which is out of service?”

“You may enjoy Flash site with Android”


Now, the site has been terminated and it only show the phrase   “Android au site has finished”  in plain HTML.

Visitors are  then redirected to KDDI au’s top page after 5 seconds.



The take down appears to be in anticipation of the arrival of iPhone 5.

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