Keep Your Healthy Resolution with Fitango

Dubbed as  the paradise for food, Singapore is without a doubt a city where majority of the population relies on street side food or quick bites and homecooked food maybe foreign to some. That said, some of us are struggling to squeeze in an hour of gym in our already busy schedule, our habits are hard to change, and as much as we want to be fit, something would come up, how could we possibly trade happy hour for an hour at the gym. Yes, keeping fit is easier said than done, Fitango is a fitness and goal tracking website that enables you to set a goal and engage your friends to act as a support group.

Some of these mini-applications as we call it, help track your calorie input and output, gives you proper guidance on how to lose healthy amount of weight in six months, how one can be a vegan, and even how to find your soul mate (one of the items in the Relationships & Love category). These tracking plan range from USD1 to USD8, many are also free to use. Your friends or family members can see what your goals are and they can leave comments, tips, and cheer you as you are doing your 5K run, you can also be engaged by telling everyone how you feel after you have completed that activity.

Do you think Fitango would be more effective than hiring an actual personal trainer? Or is completing a goal is something we would naturally do if we want it hard enough?

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