Keepio – Sell Things To Your Friends

The whole idea behind Keepio is for people to sell the used items such as furniture, computers, and even kitchen appliances to their friends and family instead of strangers. This is especially useful for college students who are studying overseas or even in a different city from their hometown, eliminating the process of going through eBay or Craiglist; communicate with random strangers who might show interest but you can never be sure if the deal is indeed closed.

Keepio lets the user track the items that they wish to sell or swap with a complete control of privacy; only your friends and family will be able to view the items you have in store through the use of our social media friends, Facebook and Twitter with no transaction fees. Beyond buying and selling, Keepio act as an open space for users to share their personal art collection or comic collection in order to gain more insights, opinions, or even musings from other users that share the same interest.

Sarah Kessler explained that the concept of Keepio is similar to sites such as Snooth which is targeted to the wine enthusiasts and Listal which is media related except Keepio is open to all kind of enthusiasts from scuba divers to people who are fond of gardening. Keepio currently has users from 16 different countries on board, interacting, sharing, and conducting a safer way to sell their used items. Are there any local sites in Singapore for friends to sell things to friends? If not, then this might be a good start!

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