Kids’ Online Game Moshi Monsters Hits 50 Million Users


Moshi Monsters is a two-year old social online game that has just reached a sizable milestone: 50 million registered users.

The game allows kids 6 to 12 to adopt virtual pets and bring it around in a virtual land called Monstro City. Kids can also play games to earn virtual currency and communicate with other in a moderated, safe environment.

Moshi merchandises such as toys, books, video games, trading cards and a Moshi magazine will be included in franchise too. Soon, Moshi is going to explore into music, live tours, a TV platform and film.

The founder of Moshi, Mind candy reports that it has more than 15 million registered users in North America and apparently it has one signup in every second.

A study conducted by Internet security firm AVG found that 92% of children in the U.S. have an online presence by the time they are two, compared to 73% in western Europe. These numbers shows how big the market of kid’s games online market  that Moshi Monsters can leverage.

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