Apple iPad 2 Singapore

The long anticipated iPad 2 has finally launched yesterday in the rainy city, San Francisco. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple announced that iPad 2 is not just an upgrade of iPad but a completely new design and improved set of hardware. Rumor has it that few hours after Apple announced their launch of iPad 2, users of iPad are already eager to sell their iPad of yesterday. To watch the video of yesterday’s event, click here.

Apple calls claim its iPad 2 to be ‘dramatically faster,’ with the new processor; it uses a 1GHz dual-core A5 chip that works twice faster than the A4 chip in the original iPad. Steve Jobs also added that the graphics processing in its new iPad works up to nine times faster, the battery life, however, remains the same at 10 hours. The width of the first generation of iPad is at 13.4mm, iPad 2, however, is 33% thinner at 8.8mm; iPad 2 is said to be even thinner than iPhone 4, weighs as light as 1.3lb (the old one weighing at 1.5lb) and it will also come in one of our favorite colors, white.

iPad already acts like a computer without a keyboard but iPad 2 proves it even more having added the front and rear camera making it possible for users to take pictures of themselves and also conduct a videoconference. Besides the new hardware, iPad 2 will also a $39 HDMI adapter for users to view the same content on an iPad on a HDTV.
iPad 2 is priced at $499 to $830, order starts from 11th March 2011 in the United States; 25th and 26th March in other countries (Singapore?). Are you an iPad user? If so, are you planning to sell your tablet for this shiny new one?

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