Leader of Hacker Group LulzSec Is Arrested

The core member of the hacking group Lulz Security was arrested today. The 19-year-old boy who used “Topiary” as a nickname online was a LulSec cofounder, unofficial spokesman and aesthetic center.

Within 50 days, LulSec attacked the FBI, the CIA, and Sony, leaked ten of thousands of emails and passwords.

Topiary also helped plan the hack of the security firm HBGary with future LulzSec members in a secret room on the chat network belonging to the hacktivist collective Anonymous. Topiary was also the most visible member of the group as he always willing to boast about the latest attacks in the public network, Twitter. He also hosted a videochat victory party with about a dozen non-LulzSec friends the night the group hacked PBS and posted a fake story about Tupac, sharing links to hacked pages as they appeared, and making prank calls to what one person in attendance claimed was the White House situation room.

Topiary’s arrest shows that even the most senior members are vulnerable to legal punishment. Another core member, Tflow , a 16-year-old British boy was also arrested last week.




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