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Are you always wondering how people can make all those beautiful, weird and funny apps?  Today, everyone can be an App developer in 13 steps.  Apple launches a simple guidebook which will lead you to develop your own iOS app. Yeah buddy!

The ‘Start Developing iOS Apps Today’  is the magic guide which will show you in 13 slide- steps how to build a working iOS app. Is it really that easy? This guide has 6 chapters starting through an introduction, set-up, tutorials, fundamentals, developing and guiding to further resources. Each chapter is also divided with steps to additional recourses.  After you read all this slide-steps, you will be able to start developing iOS apps. Cool!

On your mac computer, you can build an iOS app and run it on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. During the guidebook, you will bump into terms like Xcode and the iOS SDK. That is a tool to develop an iOS app. Furthermore, you will learn about the basics of programming with Objective-C. Objective-C is the language that powers all iOS apps and framework.  Don’t be shocked by these terms. To understand these terms and program, you just need to read the guidebook and follow the steps.

According to Apple:  “Before you begin writing a line of code, you should make some critical design decisions. Be as specific as possible about your app’s purpose and features. Choose the kind of data model your app will use. Decide on a user interface style for your app; for example, should it follow a master-detail pattern or that of a utility app? Do you want your app to be universal—that is, an app that runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch’’.

Apple’s App Store is close on 25 billion downloads, so could it be increased soon by promoting this guidebook?


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