Let TravAlert Wakes You Up Before Your Stop

If there is one thing I see people do in Singapore on public transportation is they either play with their iPhone or they sleep and if you are one of the people that enjoys catching up with your much needed sleep in public transportation then TravAlert is for you.

“It’s a huge pain to get off, reverse your route and go back to your stop, a few times it was the last bus of the day resulting in some very ‘interesting’ situations,” said Frank Gu, creator of TravAlert. Although, I have never missed a stop before, I won’t be surprised if I do because sleeping in the bus feels good and I don’t even want to wake up.

What TravAlert does is it uses your phone’s GPS system (iPhone, BlackBerry, and Androids), to track down your route, as a sleeper, you can then set TravAlert to wake you up either minutes before the stop or even by miles. The alarm can be vibrated or with a song of your choice, beauty of modern phone.

Future plan for Gu is to create a what’s along the side on the way to a destination kind of application. “How many times are you going from A to B (say a roadtrip) and are craving a certain thing (certain fast food chain, gas station, etc), but not enough to drop everything you’re doing to pursue it?,” he says.

What do you think about this TravAlert application, do you think you need it? I know, I probably do!

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