LetsGift.It-Buy Gifts With Your Friends

It is always very troublesome to group-buy a birthday present for a friend, isn’t it?

You will need to find certain number of friends to share for the present. After buying the present with your own money, you will need to go after friends to get the amount of money that they agreed to share. Sometimes, you may even forget about the debt that they owed you for the share of the present.

However, with LetsGift.It, buying gifts with your friends is as easy as a few clicks.

LetsGift.It serves as the perfect platform for coordinating the process of gifts group-buy.

It is free of charge and you do not need to fill out any kind of lengthy registration form for using its service. You can start group gifts and invite friends to contribute to your purchase. The best of all is that you can import contacts from Facebook for invitations. Otherwise, you can also invite your friend to share it via email.

Your friends are allowed to contribute the amount they can afford as nobody is required to contribute a minimum sum of money for the contribution to compute.

This application makes group gifting so easy to be pulled off and can be contributed by everybody since no minimum amount of money needs to be donated.





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