So How About Lunch? – LetsLunch

How would you like it if you could take your lunch time to meet with people whose professional qualities would be beneficial to you, your career, aspirations, and all that social and career climbing related activities. LetsLunch was founded by Syed Shuttari and Alain Raynaud at Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco bay area in 2010 and was officially released today.

While LinkedIn helps you build your network online, LetsLunch promotes the face-to-face interaction, which means that you will actually get to meet whoever that has relevant qualities to that which you possess during lunch.

LetsLunch also combine a list of entrepreneurs and famous business people in Silicon Valley, they are so called, the ‘VIPs,’ of this newbie networking site. The reason behind gathering all these VIPs is to not only add value to the site but to display the fact that building relationship face-to-face is as essential as it is to do it online, if not better.

The VIP lunch date invitation is given out for free today, however, it is only available for those living in Silicon Valley area, nonetheless, we find that LetsLunch is quite a cool idea. Imagine what it would be like to meet all the front line business people in this tiny island of Singapore and actually get to really, build our network offline.

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