Library for Entrepreneurs: FounderLY

Just the other day, I met someone who wonders where she can find all the entrepreneurs in Singapore, somebody who can share insights on how they start up their business. Today, I found that there’s apparently a website that does just that. FounderLY acts as a library for entreprenuers, somebody who has insight story and wants to share, can do it in a form of a video interview.

Matt Wise, founder of FounderLY feels that there many stories of entrepreneurs in the tech industry that goes by unknown or in print; the candid videos, however, gives more meaning to their story. To do that successfully, he generated an idea of having entrepreneur to interview another entrepreneur.

With the help of his partner, Andy Saebjoernsen, Wise created an open platform for users to submit their own video to FounderLY. The team at FounderLY will then put an introduction, adds a little sparkle, and a closing paragraph before it is published to website for the world to see.

FounderLY currently features Vivek Wadwa, Naval Ravikant, Michael Seibel, Rick Marini, among other entrepreneurs. If you are one of the entrepreneurs with great story or wish to motivate people to start up their own business, then share your wisdom at FounderLY. This makes me wonder, do you think FounderLY is a good way for publicity for your company?

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