LinkedIn launches iPad app, takes new direction

The world’s largest professional social network LinkedIn has introduced its first application for the iPad. Finally, iPad users can download the free app for their tablet. This app is really more than a reformatted iPhone and Android app.

The LinkedIn app is totally redesigned and borrowed a page from the popular ‘Flipboard’ app. Mario Sundar, LinkedIn’s social media manager said: “This was a chance to go back to the drawing board”.

The opening screen is a clean and simple interface with options: updates, profile and inbox. The option ‘Updates’ look likes Flipboard though.  It creates a sort of magazine-style where you can flip through professional updates, news and information. On the main screen there will be a stock market and weather information for your current location at the top left, with a calendar underneath.  According to Mario Sundar: “To design it for how people use the iPad: morning and night infotainmen’’. On the right, you will get updates such as who have looked at your profile and updates from people you are connected to.

The option ‘You’ will allow you to have access on your profile, connections and activity dashboard. However, you are not able to modify and or update your profile. It is quite disappointing that it has only read-only mode.

The last option ‘Inbox’ is for sending and receiving messages and invitations.

The LinkedIn app can be used by swiping the screen back and forth which is very easy and friendly to use though. What do you think of this app?

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