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For the past few months, LinkedIn continues to upgrade its service, remember the interactive relationship graph that shows you how you are connected to your network; LinkedIn decided that was not enough. Today, LinkedIn Today goes live for its members to keep themselves up to date with the social and business news.

Mrinal Desai of TechCrunch believes that LinkedIn Today is not trying to compete with Facebook or Twitter; instead they act as a Wall Street Journal of social news. The news headlines on LinkedIn Today comes from various sources, its purpose is to show industry-related news, in other words, the news that shows up on your page will be tailored just for you based on the industry that you and your connection is working in, without you having to do anything.

If the news that is currently displayed on your LinkedIn Today does not satisfy your news hunting brain yet then add more industries by following the industry on the side menu. I just wish that LinkedIn Today would be something that I see as soon as I log in on my LinkedIn Profile because right now I have to go to the ‘More,’ tab and click ‘News,’ button respectively.

LinkedIn Senior Vice President of Products & User Experience, Deep Nishar says that LinkedIn Today users ‘will spend five minutes in the morning and be more informed and better equipped professionally.’ I partly agree with what he says but since I don’t log in to LinkedIn on a daily basis it gets tricky, perhaps there’s a way that LinkedIn Today could add its service elsewhere then I will definitely spend not 5 but even 10 minutes on it. Do you think LinkedIn Today is useful? What could LinkedIn do to get at least 5 minutes of our attention daily?

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