Localhero, A New App For The iPhone

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are very hot nowadays.  When you’re always on the go and you need updates, opinions, information, assistance, Social networks are the best place to run.

Now, there is a new location-based social networking app designed to let you ask for assistance from friends and help them out when they needed it

Localhero is an iPhone application that lets you make requests for help on specific topics.  It finds people you know, or people expert on that topic who can lend you assistance.

The app connects to your Facebook account, scanning through your profile and posts to make a list of you skills.  So if you spend most of the time talking about  hotels and restaurants, expect a lot of questions from friends or people looking someone who can recommend a place to stay and eat.

Since the app is new, you probably wont see much activity on your feed, but you can post your questions, decide whether you want it shared with friends or just the people with the Localhero network.

Localhero does not have a lot of users yet. But who knows…one day this application would attract many and potentially be great.

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