is the new place to be – for atheletes and sports enthusiasts

Until now, sport enthusiasts, teams and athletes have not had anywhere to call home in the online world despite the unimaginable size of the sports industry, but all that is about to change.

Enter LockerDome, a social networking site for sports that aims to help athletes create sports profiles, also serving as a platform to launch team and league networks for communication purposes. It also serves as a private social network where athletes can create profiles, upload media and gain national exposure through them. LockerDome lets you connect with every single person who’s a part of your sports life in the same way that Facebook connects you with your friends and colleagues. You can upload photos and videos, and create scrapbooks chronicling all your achievements and even share sports-specific data such as rankings and statistics. LockerDome is also a very organic site, with the ability to facilitate the sharing of sports knowledge for newbies just starting on the sport and athletes looking to improve themselves; in short, it’s aiming to be the no. 1 online playground for sports enthusiasts!

The future has been looking rosy for the site: LockerDome has grown over 400% over the past 6 months and more than 400 of the top amateur sports teams and leagues have launched their own LockerDome networks. Furthermore, the site has just raised USD $750k to develop the site and have also welcomed Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, a billion-dollar mobile payments device company, on board to develop the site even further in 2012, the year the site is predicted to experience exponential growth. How’s that for a site that was just started last year?

Dubbed the LinkedIn for sports, LockerDome is certainly an interesting addition to the social networking world. Who knows, in the near future, instead of pubs, bars and stadiums, you might find the millions of sports fans, athletes, managers, teams hanging out on LockerDome instead!

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