Lonely Planet finally launches country guide apps, kicking off with six iOS editions

A series of new country guide apps of Lonely Planet for iOS devices are now available in the App Store! These apps are the first offline mobile country guides. So there is no need to worry about the roaming or data fees!

Lonely planet is the ultimate guide for on-the-go travellers because it allows them to use the offline detailed maps and view the entire country. The cool thing of Lonely Planet is that it contains recommendations and experiences from experts.

The six new countries are Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia and Costa Rica. All the information which is printed in Lonely Planet guidebooks would also be available in the App, amazing huh?  It will provide background information on each country such as practicalities, recommended places to eat, drink, shop, sleep, visit and see. Just all the information you need during your vacation.

Jeremy Kreitler, Vice President Wireless Services for Lonely Planet said:  “Lonely Planet has established itself as an industry leader in the travel app space with almost 10m downloads of our city guide apps. Responding to user feedback and given the popularity of country guidebooks, we are excited to be the first travel guide publisher to extend our product range to include country guide apps.”

The Lonely Planet country guide apps are now available for $9.99 each from the App Store.  However, these apps are also available as in-app purchases within the Lonely Planet Travel Guides App.

So would you buy and use the Lonely Planet app or do you prefer guidebooks?

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