is Facebook for Girls Only, No Boys Allowed!

Alexandra Chong went on a great date one day, and faced a problem not foreign to every other girl out there; she had to make three phone calls, two Skype sessions and dozens of texts to tell her friends all about it!

Tired from the amount of work it took her to spread the scoop to her friends, Alexandra went on to create; a social network by a girl, just for girls. Luluvise allows girls to have girl talk, dishing about the latest beauty product, or a new shop online, just like in Facebook, except they are able to create groups called “inner circles” where girls are able to communicate freely among their groups of girlfriends, without inhibitions and away from the prying eyes of the boys.














One feature that has received the most attention from beta users is Wikidate, a feature which allows the ladies to rate the men in their lives in terms of their dating potential. Men are not supposed to be able to see these ratings, but when there’s a will there’s a way, they just have to log in with their Facebook account that has gender set to “Female”. Until the site develops a fool proof way to keep the men out, it is still rather ambitious to think of it as a girl-only community.

Despite the lack of assurance in’s ability to keep the boys out, things are otherwise looking very rosy for the site. 18-34 year old females (the target demographic of the site) are the most active social networkers on the web, according to this study, which possibly puts as the next “in” place to be in advertising for products targeted for the ladies. Chong has stated that she envisions of partnerships with major brands such as L’Oreal in which users can dish about a newly launched lipstick on the site.

Given the love for girls to share everything and almost anything with their girlfriends, and their reliance on each other’s opinions, this site, with its simplistic, yet colourful and attractive interface could certainly catch on with tech-savvy girls. It does remind you of those secret bases we had as kids, where we would go to with our closest friends and just dish about everything under the sun.

Girl talk has just got itself a new (chic), online home.

Ps. For all the men out there dying to peek into the ladies’ world, here’s Lulu’s message to you:

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