Mac App Store Now Warns User Before Re-buying Softwares


Even if the software was available for purchase in different places, Apple’s Mac App store did not feature support for applications that were purchased outside the web. Today, the Mac App Store prompts users attempting to purchase app that are already installed on their Mac but purchased somewhere else.

When you click on the Buy Now button, you will be presented with a warning that informs you that the app has been previously installed but that it has not been purchased from the store.   Mac App Store now prompts those users with a warning to help prevent users from inadvertently buying software twice.

Though users are prevented from buying the software and presented with the warning, Apple still gives the option to buy the application again if the user chooses to do so

This new prevention method also only works with apps that are the exact same version as they are in the Mac App Store. If the installed version is an older  or possibly newer version of the app that differs from the one available on the Mac App Store, the warning will not be displayed and it leaves the possibility of accidental re-purchases.

It is always best to pay attention and be aware of what you’re clicking when browsing the Mac App Store to avoid buying the same application twice.


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