Make a Panoramic Video using iPhone

iPhone has always been regarded as a multimedia powerhouse. Now it even has the ability to produce panoramic video just after adding a “Dot” camera accessory.

( For those who do not know what is panoramic video, you can go to this link.)

Today startup Kogeto announced its plans to unveil an accessory that allow the iPhone camera shoot 360 degrees at once.

Kogeto‘s Dot attachment snaps into the iPhone’s back and resembles a short microscope lens, will enable iPhone users to capture the activity in an entire room without rotating the handset or taking any special effort. What user need to do is just placing their handsets in the center of the space, on a level surface such as desk. Then the attached accessory will take care of the rest of the stuff.

The device is meant to let people use it for live broadcasts of parties, conference,etc. The gadget’s tagline says,” Put down your camera and enjoy the party”. In addition, watching a panoramic video of a meeting would give the feel of attending the meeting physically. Both video creators and the person who watch the video will benefit.

The gadget, which is named Dot weighs 15 grams and it can fit into a pants pocket. In fact, it is the smallest panoramic camera in the world. It only cost $99.

Soon Dot will launch with an ecosystem, including a mobile app called Looker and a web platform that host Dot videos for browsing and sharing.

Panoramic video has became cheaper or affordable, more convenient with again, network effect of iPhone.

Are you interested to get this accessory? I bet those of you who are avid fans of panoramic videos would be very excited of this news.


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