Make your personal mini-movie on Facebook Timeline Movie Maker

Do you like Facebook’s New Timeline feature? Now it gets better, Facebook just introduced a new feature that would allow to make a movie of your timeline within 5 minutes.

The Timeline Movie Maker would evaluate automatically the photos, videos and events you’ve posted on Facebook.Normally, your friends need to scroll down and click several times to check your posted items, right? However, now within one minute and one look your friends are updated about your most remarkable and relevant life moments. This is really cool, you are able to choose one of the five soundtracks like original, nostalgic, cinematic, romantic or playful which you can create a  different feeling at each item.

Facebook created The Timeline Movie Maker in collaboration with the marketing agency Definition 6. Last Monday CTO Paul Hernacki tweeted: “Pure awesomeness – Facebook and Definition 6 are proud to launch Make an instant movie of your Facebook content’’.  Just take a look on this application, because this feature is created to have a quicker and better view about your life story! On a side note, if  you haven’t install Timeline yet, you have to install Timeline before you can make use of Timeline Movie Maker.

However, there are disadvantages like this application is now only available in English, Spanish, German and French so far. Furthermore you can only share this mini-video on Facebook, but not on Youtube, that is a pity. But I am sure that this is just the beginning of The Timeline Movie Maker movement.

We mostly use Facebook to share life moments with our friends and the timeline movie maker makes the job much easier! Give it a try and tell us what you think of this cool new addition.

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