Man Names Daughter, ‘Facebook’

It is impossible to go a day, let alone a week without Facebook; by Facebook, I mean, talking about activities on Facebook as well as using along with our morning coffee, tea, and muffin session at work. Facebook has become an even greater impact when a twenty-something Egyptian man named his daughter, ‘Facebook,’ to commemorate the Jan25 Revolution.

Jamal Ibrahim, a loyal Egyptian and a true supporter of the social media deeply feels that the social network, particularly, Facebook, has been a great motivator and a door for the people to express their opinions; with the help of Facebook, a revolution began. With all the gratitude for Facebook, the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, Ibrahim decided to name his first born daughter, ‘Facebook.’

‘Facebook,’ birth brought joy to many people not only to the friends and family but to other Egyptians that understands and appreciate the power of the social media. As much as I enjoy the social media and definitely am a fan of Facebook, I would not consider naming my infants anything related to the social network because I would be concerned with their social well-being. Did somebody call my name or are they just talking about Facebook? Have you met my brother, ‘Twitter’ and that’s my cousin, ‘Yahoo!’ I wonder, would Facebook be the name for 2012? What do you think?

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