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Besides the lifestyle focused online magazine CNNGo, one of the site I regularly visit is Mashable, and if you are one of the Mashable fans then you would be probably be glad to hear what they have to offer. Mashable Follow not only interacts with the social media platform but it also enables you to customize the type of news you would like to receive from Mashable.

Given the fact that there are more 45 news reported on Mashable each day, some that you want to read, some that you, well, don’t really care about. With Mashable Follow, readers can now pick which category of news they enjoy reading such as the Social Media, Tech & Gadgets, or Business & Marketing, the process of selecting these categories is as simple as clicking the, ‘Follow,’ button. The concept of ‘Following,’ must have been adapted from Twitter except we will be following articles instead of people.

In addition to the personalization option, readers can then be more engage with other Mashable users, giving real time comments and receiving instant notifications. Mashable Follow also let users share the story on Facebook or Twitter with just one click, sharing stories, and getting feedback has never been easier. Mashable Follow is current on a closed Beta mode but we sure hope it would be up and running soon!

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