Mercedes-Benz has added Facebook as a friend

The obsession with constantly updating Facebook stauses, uploading photos and posting on your friend’s wall has went from the computer, to tablet computers and to mobile phones. Now Facebook-ers have another way to access their beloved Facebook accounts, their cars.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz has announced that they will be launching an in-built Facebook app in their cars this year that would allow updates to be posted from the car.

The Facebook app, which took 6 months to develop,  is driver-friendly and has lesser features compared to Facebook apps on mobile devices. Certain Facebook features such as gaming, and entering text are disabled, ensuring that drivers will be less distracted by the app. Instead, it offers a variety of preset messages that the driver can post on Facebook with the touch of a button. Drivers can also post about where they are going, estimated time of arrivals and will also be able to locate friends en route to the same destination.The app will also provide location-based services such as showing restaurants liked by friends within the vicinity of the car’s location. In short, the main focus of the app is to allow Mercedes-Benz driver greater and easier connectivity with friends and businesses.

Adressing safety concerns upon the launch of the app, the car-maker claims that the app will not be more distracting than existing in-car navigation systems and radio and has been tested to ensure vehicle safety.

This collaboration does prove one thing though, that the world is certainly in store for more ways social networks like Facebook are going to be integrated into our daily lives. Who knows, we’d probably be able to Facebook from our fridges soon!

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