Microsoft Bing Grabs Search Market Share from Google – Not Really

A few entries back, we mentioned that Bing took over 30% of the search market share in the U.S. Chrome fans, don’t get too angry. The percentages shown were based on estimates of Hitwise. When comScore showed their own data based on their qsearch estimates, the numbers were a bit different.

Combining market share of Bing and Yahoo will yield 31% market share. But included in this “core” search numbers are Google slideshows, contextual search in Yahoo News and Google Instant. For example, whenever you are going through a slideshow on Yahoo, related search results appear below, inflating its numbers (see picture below)

ComScore estimates are based on removing those numbers and coming up with something that is called “explicit search,” referring to an instance wherein someone actually types a query into the search box. With that, comScore shows that Bing and Yahoo combined only had 29.5% search market share during the first quarter of 2011 – 1.5% up from the fourth quarter of 2010. Although it is true that Bing is grabbing search market share from Google, it still hasn’t reached 30%.

Bing has also been “stealing” share from Yahoo. Half of its 3% gain came from Yahoo. In March 2011 Bing reached 13.9%, while Yahoo dropped to 15.7%.

Needless to say, Bing is still growing. Do you think they can take over the search market share any time in the near future?

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