Microsoft Bing Grabs Search Market Share from Google

Google has always been my homepage. I love how clean it looks and  how fast it loads whenever I search for something, and I definitely love how simple it is to navigate around their page. Even my own mother is an expert at Google, and that’s already saying a lot about someone who isn’t really the most technologically advanced person in the universe. Practically everyone I know uses Google. So it became quite a shock to me when I found out that Google’s search market share is slowly declining.

30% of the search market is now owned by Microsoft, mostly taken from Google’s share according to Experian Hitwise. Data gathered by the end of March shows that 30.01% was taken by (14.32%) and Yahoo Search (15.69%) which is now also powered by Bing. The growth was somewhat evenly distributed between the two – Bing’s search market share grew by 6%, while Yahoo’s grew by 5%.

As for Google, its U.S. search market share sank from February’s 66.69% to 64.42% this March. And for more disheartening news… Google’s market share went down by 10% from August 2010 when it had 71.59%. Bing started to take control of Yahoo around August, and since then both search engines have been increasing in their share.

To be fair to Bing and Yahoo, users are actually achieving more success from using Bing when searching. 81.14% of Yahoo Search users and 80.32% of users clicked on a search result and visited a website, while Google only achieves a 65.91% success rate. Despite this however, Google still has 2/3 of the market and it has been busy with its flagship product such as the +1.

Are you a user of Bing? Tell me what’s good about it. I challenge you to convince me to try out Bing!

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