Microsoft Gets Antitrust Approval for Acquiring Skype

Microsoft did its biggest acquisition, buying Skype for$8.5 billion in May.

The Federal Trade Commission said that Microsoft got approval from antitrust to buy the Internet phone service, in a website posting on Friday.

Microsoft intend to get new customers for its Windows products and services with Skype’s popular service highlights. User base of Skype is large, 145 million new users each month.It is also the most preferred Internet phone service for small business.

Acquiring Skype will definitely give Windows Phone 7 and Nokia advantages in offering phone service. In addition, it will help Microsoft to compete with Google Voice and Apple’s emerging communication platform, Facetime.

Microsoft outbid other competitors such as Facebook and Google by almost two-to-one. However, the real winner is actually Facebook. As Microsoft is an investor in Facebook, Facebook will get access to Skype and Google will be kept away from Skype. Having Skype is important for Facebook as it is needed to provide video and voice services to users of Facebook Chat.

How Microsoft will make full use of this new acquisition? Will it be integrated to Microsoft products such as Xbox, Outlook? Let’s wait for the next news of “Microsoft Skype” products.



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