Microsoft is going for an Unified User Interface

According to the president of Windows Phone Andy Lees, f the company will share a single “ecosystem” accross PCs, phones, tablets and other devices by 2015. He gave the prediction during Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference.

He said, ” You can have full PC compute power available in whatever form factor you like,” . It indicates that the company wish to use a common interface across different devices. You can observe that the trend in Windows 8 for PCs is apparently similar to Windows Phone.

Microsoft would like to provide coherence and consistency of usage across different devices, “particularly with Xbox. IE9 browsers has been used on phones and PCs so far.

According to, Microsoft is planning to somehow harmonize not only Windows for PCs and Windows Phone, but also the Xbox operating system sometime by the next four years.

Let’s see whether this plan is able to bring the company “alive” again.

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