Microsoft Office apps heading to iOS and Android in November

The time has come! Microsoft Office is heading to iOS and Android tablets this November, sources tell Boy Genius Report. It has been a long time and owners of tablets can finally work on Microsoft Office at the end of the year.

Earlier this year, there were already rumours from The Daily that Microsoft Office for iPad will be released. Then Microsoft fully denied that the app was genuine. But now, the BGR source claims that the Microsoft Office looked ‘almost’ identical’ to a picture shown by The Daily, see image below. Moreover, the source also claimed that the loading screen reads ‘Office for iOS’. So it could be that the iPhone and iPod could have the software in the future as well. Would be useful and great though!

As users want productivity apps and you can see it at the top paid apps in the iTunes App Store. As you already know, numerous of third party applications such as OnLive Desktop or iWork can be downloaded by iOS users to have the ability to view and edit office documents. However, most of these apps have to lack of formatting and compatibility, so are quite far from perfect.

Microsoft is now silent for questions about these rumours. But after months waiting there is a chance for iOS and Android users to use this software at the end of the year.  As the numbers of iPads and Android devices are growing, it could be an opportunity for Microsoft Office though!

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