Microsoft updates Bing Translator for Windows Phone with offline features

Video: New Translator App for Windows Phone Powered by Bing Available for Free Download

The Bing Translator for Windows Phone can now be used by offline. This free app can translate more than 30 languages for you!

Nowadays there are a lot of translation apps, but most of them need network connection to translate. This app Bing Translator is translating printed text by offline. So no need to worry, you can translate printed language everywhere around the world. However, you need to download the language pack.

Bing Translator allows people to translate printed language by simply pointing the camera on the text. There is no need to take a photo, just point on the text. It is really amazing technology though!

This app can be used for example in restaurant menus, signs, letters, transit schedules…just everywhere! The translation will automatically appear on your screen as the translation will smoothly overlay the original text.


As in every app, this app also includes the standard type translation but also a speak translation.  This Speak and Translate feature can translate these languages: English (US/UK), German, French, Italian and Spanish. However, you need Network Connection to use this feature. So in this case, you can have a conversation with a local during your vacation.

The Bing Translator will be very handy on-the-go as it includes printed, type and voice translation. The coolest thing is that the printed language translation can be used offline if you buy the language pack.

This app is now available and free on the Windows Phone Marketplace!

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