Mobile App TekTrack Helps Reunite Family After Japan Earthquake

March 11 was a devastating day for Japan. The 9.0-magnitude earthquake not only shook their homes but it also sent a tsunami rippling across their country. In situations such as these, it is almost impossible to reconnect with loved ones especially since cellular networks become overloaded with numerous people trying to call, to see if their families and friends are safe.

Sometimes, people complain that at a time when they need technology the most, it fails them. But for one family (they requested to remain anonymous), it became a tool that was able to reunite them after one of the most horrifying incidents that hit Japan.

Their daughter went missing after the earthquake struck. She was an hour away from their home and it seemed impossible for them to locate her. But because her phone had TekTrak, an app that “works in the background of a phone’s OS using the 3 hardware components already built into most smartphones (cellular, GPS, and WiFi) to pinpoint its location,” the family found out that she was still alive by logging on to TekTrak’s website and determining her location. They saw the timestamps in the app’s location history feature and found out that she has been moving since the earthquake struck. What normally took her one hour of travelling turned into seven, but luckily the parents were able to progress her way home using the web maps.

The father said that the TekTrak was installed on his daughters phone to prevent theft – little did they know that it would be of great help in this time of need.

Check out TekTrak’s blog for more info on the story. Tell me what you think. Is this $5-app worth it?

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