More Ads are coming to your Facebook Mobile Timeline



Facebook is planning to roll out mobile ads within weeks, so soon you will notice that! Now they are discussing with advertising agencies about the introduction of ads in users Timeline. They don’t call these ads, but more like ‘featured stories’. These ‘featured stories’ would be introduced as a Sponsored Story Format into users Timeline mobile devices.

Facebook users are growing rapidly through the use of smartphones. Last December 2011, Facebook have 425 million monthly active users using the Facebook App. For instance, location features it’s already used by many Facebook users which encourage people to use their Facebook Mobile App to share their location and places with friends. Therefore, this way of advertising will reach massive customers easier and could probably replace traditional advertisement. Furthermore this would encourage more contact between a Facebook user and brands. These ‘featured stories’ would display your friends interaction with any businesses like when they “like” a brand or product or ‘check-in’ at a place. It would be effective for every brand of product, since every Facebook user became a sort of “spokesperson’ for the brand.

Mobile advertisements provide possibilities for Facebook users and brands as well.Referring to Simon Mansell, chief executive of TBG Digital, the Facebook advertising specialist agency: ‘mobile advertising is the ‘next’ obvious and short term step for Facebook’.

The promotion of services or products on Facebook pages would connect users in an efficient marketing way. People do have their smartphone constantly with them, which means Facebook mobile app as well to share their moments, thoughts and likes.

If you are interested, there is an event planned on 29th of February in New York about Facebook. This event would provide companies to use paid content on the site rather than free pages.

So now we just need to wait for the update on our smartphone!

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