More Facebook games get in-app currency offers

Hard up for Skye Credits while trying to level up in Ravenskye City? Now you can earn some Skye credits easily for free by completing advertiser offers.Facebook has recently announced that developers can now provide in-app offers in their app’s native currency. Previously developers could only provide in-app offers for Facebook’s native currency, Credits, with the exception of the big players in the game development world of Facebook, such as Zynga and Playfish.

The offers feature had always been a great way for Facebook to generate advertising revenue through user engagement but this new introduction could definitely increase the amount of revenue generated. Not only can they now further tap into Facebook users’ desire to progress in their games (we all know how addictive Facebook gaming can be) but offers now have a wider pool of Facebook gamers to tap into, not only those on Sims Social, Farmsville and the likes.
Looks like advancing to the next level in Facebook games won’t be as expensive as it was before anymore! Yay!
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