Mozilla Introduces BrowserID

Don’t you feel that it is troublesome to retype email address and password and go through confirmation steps every time you sign in to a website? Using Facebook Connect is the usual solution but it also come with lock-in, reliability issues, and data privacy concerns.

So, Mozilla is going to solve that problem with its latest experiment, BrowserID. With BrowserID, you won’t need to waste your time taking extra steps and to remember another password. Via verified email protocol, it provides streamlined user experience.

You only need to click once to sign in on any site. Developer can also save time as there will be no need to implement email verification anymore. As Verified Email Protocol is implemented, sites get proof of ownership using public key cryptography. Besides, BrowserID works on all modern browsers, including recent versions of IE and on mobile browsers. Users privacy wise, BrowserUD does not leak information back to any server about which sites a user visits.

Right now, the product is still in experiment. You can try it out with the quick tutorial and demo site.




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