Mozilla’s Latest Project Lets Web Apps Talk To Each Other

While Google is working on their Google+ project, Mozilla is baking something new too.

Their new version of the experimental OpenWebApps add-on allow you to easily install and manage web applications in Firefox. Tightly integrated app experience is promised too.

If you have no idea what a web application is, take a look at The New York Times Web App for Chrome.

There are two interesting features in the project-Web activities and App Discovery.

Web activities in Mozilla will have web apps linked together. For instance, when you share photos in Flickr Web App, other web apps will allow you to share it at the same time as all apps are integrated.

For App Discovery, you will be prompted with installation of web apps when you browse a website that has web app.

Web developers are invited to turn their web page into an Open Web App by publishing a manifest.

With Mozilla’s latest project,  there is no need for seperate apps for different platform as apps can now communicate with each other anymore. The implementation will be user -friendly, fully cross-platform and web-based.



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