MyndPlay lets you control your movies with your mind.

The advancement of technology nowadays is changing our daily behavior. More and more people are using touchscreens while we were used to have mobile phones with buttons. Now, we could even control movies without buttons or touchscreens. Can you imagine that? MyndPlay is letting us control our movies by using a headset and software. Is this world becoming faster and more efficient?

MyndPlay is the world’s first mind controlled player and platform which connects with EEG BrainWave technology.  According to the MyndPlay website:

‘’ It was conceived as an idea to provide brain training through entertainment using revolutionary (electroencephalograph) EEG technology; with MyndPlay the viewer not only has control over the content and a lot of fun, but also develops control over their own emotions which transfer into everyday life. This allows MyndPlay to work with not just movies and films, but applications ranging from peak performance in sports through mental training, to controlling your nerves on a date, MyndPlay has been designed to be as flexible as possible allowing the greatest amount of content to be produced both professionally and by enthusiasts.”

This new technology is making users have to ability to choose who will live or die in the movie. For instance, the movie “Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism’ has three alternative endings that would be changed on the thoughts and emotions of the user. Referring to MyndPlay managing Director Mohammed Azam: ‘It brings a level of interactivity to video that has never been achieved before’.

What would you prefer; an ending which is based on your expectations and emotions or an ending which you have to find out till the end of the movie?  Or won’t you be scared that your thoughts will be read by the  technology? I think this depends on each person. What do you think? However it would be amazing to use MyndPlay for once, like just to experience the new technology.  So, the headset player is priced at GBP 99 and movies can be bought for 99p to GBP 3,49. Are you interested?

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  1. Robert Reply April 20, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    I would like to know if I could use the mediation and anti stress apps directly on an iPad?