Napsters founders launch Airtime video chat

Do you remember Chatroulette? Airtime, the Web video chat service is designed to take up where Chatroulette left off.

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning are the one who have changed the music industry forever with Napster.  Now, they have introduced Airtime, a Facebook-connected app that let users share live video with their Facebook friends or strangers with the same interest which is something between Skype and Chatroulette.

Airtime motto sounds like: ‘Create shared experience with people you know, and people you want to know’

Matching people through Facebook connections and shared interest is the aim of Airtime. There will be a facial recognition software that will judge whether there is a face on the other side of the camera and I think to make sure that you won’t get pranked? Once you are not interested anymore during the conversation, you can press ‘next’. The funny thing is that there will be user ratings that will keep track of how many times someone has been ‘nexted’ by other people. But if you like the person, you can reward them with stars which will earn that person with a higher credibility rating.

When you are going to use Airtime, you remain anonymous until you decide to reveal your name and other information. It will allow you to chat and watch YouTube videos together. However, sharing live music and photo is not yet available.

On last Tuesday, Parker and Shawn Fanning announced their new venture Airtime and it was not an unqualified success.  By calling celebrities, the new product failed several times.

According to CNET: “To launch his new start-up, Sean Parker should have spent less of his billions on celebrity guests and more of it on fixing his technology.’’


Would you use this new Web video chat service ? Or you prefer to play safe and use Skype or Google+ Hangouts?

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