Netflix Price Hike in the US

Netflix is increasing the price for the package of DVD and streaming subscription form $10 to $16 per month.

Before the price hike, streaming plan was only for $7.99 and DVD was only only for $2 as an add-on. Now the streaming plan costs $7.99 and DVD plan costs $7.99 separately. In addition, TechCrunch has found out that the plans are not really separated. The streaming plan is selected to be subscribed by default during the payment process.

Netflix blog stated that the price increase was due to new positioning for DVD as a proper business rather than just a $2 add on to the streaming service.

The decision has not been accepted well by its subscribers. Many consumers are giving negative feedback on the company’s Facebook page and threatened to cancel the subscriptions.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? What do you think about this?


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