New career website lets job seekers upload video resumes


Today, you are able to sell yourself through video instead of paper. A new career website GetHired was launched on this last Monday to help you stand out so you can find the perfect job.

GetHired was co-founded by Suki-Wah in order to create a video-based market. Suki-Wah  told Mashable: ‘’ We combined out of a pristine need that we gifted in a marketplace for both employers and pursuit seekers”. Nowadays, there are so many job-seeking websites, which it is hard to keep up. Therefore, this new career website could be efficient for this marketplace.  This new career website will allow job seekers to upload their video resumes and highlight their interest and curiosity. Usually, employers have a lot of paperwork, which will take a while to send a response. Some of the job seekers get anxious thoughts or will be impatient while waiting for response. However,  the employer will get at the same time a notification when you apply for a job. Thus, the employer only needs to play your video resume instead of reading your paper resume which take less more time.

Once you registered at GetHired you will be put in the applicant database, which means that you can receive response from each company who use this service. Employers can react on the video resumes by different channels like by phone, writing or a voice /video recording. Moreover, GetHired is scheduling online interviews and video chat, which is efficient if you are using a smartphone, because it will automatically synchronize.

Nowadays, recruiters are already using Social Media like LinkedIn to hire and check out candidates. So, would you like to go one step further and show the real you through a video resume? And what would you prefer rather a video resume or a paper resume? Feel free to comment!




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