New Facebook for iPhone

After releasing a one for all Facebook mobile platform, Facebook releases a new version for the iPhone. Version 3.4 Facebook for iPhone applications allows you to do more than just checking into Places, it now lets you check in to the Events.

In order to check in to Events, you will have to be invited to that particular event, and you can only check in when you are at the venue and during the time in which the event has been set. What is interesting about this Event check in is that you can also see who is ‘Here Now,’ with the special button that of course, allows you to see who is at the event.

This new version of Facebook also added an option for you to defriend someone, this option is probably one of the many options that has been long awaited for. In addition, the ‘Recent Activity,’ page now contains comments, pictures, and also check-ins for better viewing in iPhone.

Have you upgraded your Facebook for iPhone yet? If you have, what do you think about the new perks it has to offer?

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